Deliver Us from Evil Book Covers

Rating: * /5

As I am making a conscious effort to choose objects that I have very little pre-conceived notions about, sometimes my literary ignorance will come in useful during these reviews. I generally read non fiction, design books and newspapers so I was unfamiliar with a lot of the current New York Times best sellers, including the number one in the paperback mass market section, ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ by David Baldacci. I have never heard of this author, though he must be quite successful. But perhaps it will be more fun this way…

First of all, this is an awful cover. It looks like a book from the 1980s that you would find for 50c in a charity shop. The image is almost generic, but too strange to be so. The spider web looks straight out of an old computer game, again from the 1980s, reminiscent of vortex though I think it is meant to be a spider web. The globe is either breaking through the web, or the web is beginning to consume the world. I don’t think it really matters either way.

The typography is equally troubling. The extended ‘V’ with a tacky red gradient, resembling a weapon is horribly cliched. Pointy things are dangerous and scary, right? The shiny silver typeface reminds me of a car logo, though with more unbalanced letterforms. (I remember seeing Erin Speikermann speak in Dublin 4 years ago and he complained about every car designer wanting their logo re-designed to look shiny and 3 dimension, like a chrome emblem on the hood of a car. He got interns or junior designs to render them.)

The biblical reference in the title is throwing me off balance. I’m guessing this must be a thriller of some kind, probably with a religious conspiracy theory or two thrown in. In the cover is anything to go by, and this is the point of the whole exercise, despite the author’s notoriety, I would avoid this book at all costs. Though it probably can’t be any worse than this is bound to be….


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