The Walkman Lisbon LP

Rating: ***/5

In a response to the glossy and photoshopped world of the music industry, many bands are using analogue photographic techniques: polaroid, holga and diana cameras. This handmade, textural quality may also be to encourage people to buy the real thing, not just the download. One example I came across is the Walkman ‘Lisbon’ LP.

I am a fan of Holga and Diana cameras and the effects that they can give, but it is becoming so over used that I’m growing tired of it. The over-exposed double image photograph doesn’t give that much away about the music style since it looks so much like a mash up of a lot of other albums released that year – Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend and Twin Shadow. I’m guessing they must be an indie band and would also bet that at least one member is from/living in Brooklyn. I suspect the music is good, but nothing too different from what else came out last year.

The band name ‘The Walkman’ also refers to the analogue and instantly reminds me of the 1990s. Unsurprisingly, I stumbled across this in Urban Outfitter’s music section, which carry an array of objects evoking 90s nostalgia such as cartoon T-shirts, lego keyrings and mp3 players disguised as a walkman.


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