Movie Posters: The Roommate Campaign

Rating: ** /5

Posters from the new teen (young adult?) horror movie The Roommate began appearing in droves around New York in the past month. Other than the fact that the movie has always been made. in 1992, the Roommate poster campaign, which really had a lot of potential, eventually played out as boring and unexciting. They even took the idea of a ‘roommate wanted’ ad from the cover of the Single White Female poster where the movie title is torn out from a newspaper.

The first ‘teaser’ poster was designed to look like a young girl putting up flyers to find a college roommate. The content is so obvious that its cheesy – “Must be willing to share … everything”, “Killer personality a plus”… Sounds like the marketing team got lazy. It’s increasingly disappointing because this could have been a very interesting viral campaign. The posters were the traditional sizes and put up in sets of 4, 6 and 8.  If the designers had made the posters a more realistic size, stuck them with tape onto lamposts and walls in the fashion that a college student would. They could have even put some joke ads up on craigslist. The campaign had potential which was never fulfilled and I suspect that will be the same for the actual movie.

The second poster is even more clichéd. The movies star Leighton Measter (?) stands will among a crowd of moving college students. A still person and people photographed on a low shutter speed while talking? It sounds like day one of photography school. This unoriginal image has been played out several times before in album covers and music videos.

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