An Appeal to Matthew McConaughey

Rating: ** /5

Please, Matthew, stop making such awful looking movies. Your posters are visual pollution and this one is right outside my studio so I have to see it every single day.

In his latest poster, Matthew is using his #2 look “serious/thoughtful”, as illustrated by his clasped hands and inquisitive (but uncreased) brow. His #1 look is smiling/smug and #3 is sleazy/charmed and #4 grinning/stupid. He only has 4 looks.

The typeface is worn, of course, to signify rebellion somehow. Everything in this poster screams a kind of forced edginess, as I suspect the movie the will too. The ‘NTGUILTY’ license plate is like a parent or financial institution trying to be down with the young kids by using text langage.

I would have preferred it if this movie has of been made…

Just click to see more of these hilarious fake Matthew McConaughey movie posters!

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