Worst Poster of the Year (decade?): X-Men First Class

Rating: absolutely nothing/ 5

So judging my the posters, the new X-Men movie – X-Men First class – is going to be the worst movie ever made…

Just a pure silhouette would have been much more successful, albeit a bit boring. Why is there a odd floating head that was clearly photoshopped by an 10 year old? I have great respect for James Mc Avoy as an actor, but I suspect I may imagine his floating head from now on when I see him in a movie.

I really can’t quite get my head around these posters. I’m really hoping, for the sake of all graphic designers, that these are actually some kind of bizarre promotional prank to get online attention.. Alas, no dice.. I googled..

The floating head reminds me of this a bit..


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