Books as Furniture

Last week at D-Crit, the wonderful Virginia Heffernan came to give a public lecture. She spoke about many things, but one interesting point she made while discussing the benefits of e-readers is that she believes for years people have confused “bibliophilia” with literacy.  I have to agree. It’s pretty common for people who almost never cook to own a huge number of cookbooks.  Then again, I’m quite divided on this topic..  I feel uncomfortable with the idea of people buying hundreds of books to simply decorate their homes, but never bothering to read any of them. Then again, I believe the publishing industry is important and needs our support. Also, buying books is a pretty cheap and fun way to collect some great design objects.

So I was divided on Abe Book’s list of  30 Old Books Worth Buying For the Cover Alone’. list of books worth buying for their cover. But they all are quite beautiful, and clearly a lot of  people agree because because almost the whole list has been sold.

Surprisingly, even though they’re trying to sell the books based on the beautiful covers, the photography is quite poor quality…

The website also compiled a more contemporary list of books. This one by Emma Wallace for ‘The Separation’ by Christopher  is my favorite. I cannot believe she was allowed by the client to exclude both the author and book title in her design! But the simplicity makes it look so striking that I know I’d pick up a copy in a book shop.

And when you collect enough (or too many!), you can always use them for furniture. These tables are from a book shop in Melbourne (that I somehow never went to even though I lived not far from it!) called Brunswick Bound. If you live nearby, go check it out!

Check out some more ideas for tables made using books on Shelterpop !


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