Monday Movie Review: The Myth of the American Sleepover

Rating: **** / 5

This looks like a pretty cool movie. I presume there will be mainly young, unknown indie actors in this movie since their actual identities haven’t been highlighted in text or in the image. This is another movie poster that would work very well as a book cover, but might look strange as a giant billboard in Times Square.

I like that the designer chose to do an animated poster. I did cheat and check if it is in fact an animated feature, and it’s not. (But I promise I didn’t look at a trailer.) I like the flat color and high contrast, this will almost certainly be a dark comedy about teenage angst and troubles. The typography is quirky, so I guess the script will be too.

I’ve gained a slightly greater knowledge of graphic novels simply from shelving them in the library all the time and taking the occasional sneaky flick through. Though not my book of choice, I really respect the amount of hard work that goes into their creation. I’ll take photos of some cool covers and post them very soon. This poster reminds me a bit of Ghost World and I suspect it’ll have a similar slow, dry wit. Also a must for fans of Daria that have already finished the DVD.

I also bet that because it was shown at SXSW that it is has a very cool soundtrack.


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