Cool Comic Covers (…or are they graphic novels?)

As I promised on Monday, I took some pictures of comics and graphic novels that I think have a really cool aesthetic. I can’t claim to be an expert in the field, I’m choosing these based completely on how they look, so I can’t vouch for the story-lines  I tend to be drawn to the more indie graphic novels than Japanese magna styles, but that’s purely a personal preference. I like the strong, definite lines and block colours, which are often kind of unusual or muted.  Enjoy!

The first was one called Tonoharu by Lars Martinson. I love the beige hardback cover and the little melancholic  face along the spin. The illustrations are all in black and white and are very precise and controlled so I like that the title page has a map on it because the overall style reminds me of the detail-orientated accuracy involved in map making. I like that the narration and speech is all done in an actual typeface, instead of illustrated. I’d never seen that before.

The second one is called The Squirrel Mother by Megan Kelso. Megan Kelso has a brilliant, funky website called Girl Hero that I recommend you check out! I just noticed that the person on this cover looks a little melancholy too, maybe that was just my temperament yesterday! But I love all the little details; the jam sandwich, the weed growing under the stone. It really adds a lot of personality to a very simple cover. I also like how the comic looks like shots from a movie, changing from mid-shot to extreme close-up while keeping the story moving.

If anyone who actually has a good knowledge of graphic novels or comics would like to add any, please comment below!


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