What the font? The Two Most Common Typefaces in Film Posters

It seems to me that there are basically only two fonts used in movie posters. If it needs a san-serif, it’s Helvetica. If it’s serif, it’s most likely Trajan. It appears over and over again.I guess Helvetica just gets used for the same reason it’s used in everything else: it’s so ubiquitous that it simultaneously means nothing and everything. It has only began appearing frequently in the last 10 years.  Trajan was first used in historical epics, but now seems to be used to add grandeur to  just about anything..

Here we go, Helvetica:

Take it away, Trajan:

Are the graphic designers of movie posters just lazy? Probably not. When you look online at all the alternative movie posters, clearly there’s a lot of creative talent out there and a desire to make more usual. Perhaps movie studios simply want more traditional posters in the same vein of everything else – just to be safe – since the investment in a movie is so huge and they don’t want to take risks..

Check out this hilarious video about Trajan by Goodie bag.


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