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When Average Movies Get Amazing Posters: The Girlfriend Experience

Saw this at a preview at the Edinburgh Film festival all the way back in … Movie didn’t actually make a huge impression, though I hated it less than most viewers and critics, the poster comes to mind much quicker and clearer than any of the dialogue…

Don’t like that her name is there, not enough separation and makes you think her name is part of the title. And it’s not surprisingly in the slightest that her mouth is open in that salacious manner. Other than that, the poster is wonderful.  I love the swathe of red and grey dots and how they create this great optical illusion. The bar code at the bottom, supposedly a common on buying and selling sex (or in this case “the girlfriend experience) I know I shouldn’t like the “see it with someone you *****” bit, but I kinda love it.


What the font? The Two Most Common Typefaces in Film Posters

It seems to me that there are basically only two fonts used in movie posters. If it needs a san-serif, it’s Helvetica. If it’s serif, it’s most likely Trajan. It appears over and over again.I guess Helvetica just gets used for the same reason it’s used in everything else: it’s so ubiquitous that it simultaneously means nothing and everything. It has only began appearing frequently in the last 10 years.  Trajan was first used in historical epics, but now seems to be used to add grandeur to  just about anything..

Here we go, Helvetica:

Take it away, Trajan:

Are the graphic designers of movie posters just lazy? Probably not. When you look online at all the alternative movie posters, clearly there’s a lot of creative talent out there and a desire to make more usual. Perhaps movie studios simply want more traditional posters in the same vein of everything else – just to be safe – since the investment in a movie is so huge and they don’t want to take risks..

Check out this hilarious video about Trajan by Goodie bag.

Monday Movie Review: Conan the Barbarian 3D

Rating: ** / 5

When I first saw that there was a Conan movie coming out, I got all excited thinking the Conan O’Brien documentary that premiered at SxSW was actually a 3D feature film.. Alas, no such luck. Conan the Barbarian 3D is a remake of the 80s movie staring Arnold Schwarzenegger. What? A remake you say? It’s almost hard to believe in a movie industry so full of original content..

So what does the movie poster lead us to expect? Well, death certainly. Lots and lots of death. Everything in the poster is high contrast, exaggerated to the point of looking strange.. It seems the main goal of this poster is to remind you that it is a 3D movie. And because of this,  I anticipate a lot severed heads, blood splattering and skulls flying across the screen.

The colors remind me a lot of The Mummy poster from years back. In fact, this movie looks a mixture of every 3D action movie of the last while: 300, Prince of Persia, … I’d say it’ll be incredibly cheesy, everyone will be half naked and there will be very little story. See it with a big group and sneak rum into your cinema Coke.

Never forget…

Monday Movie Review: The Myth of the American Sleepover

Rating: **** / 5

This looks like a pretty cool movie. I presume there will be mainly young, unknown indie actors in this movie since their actual identities haven’t been highlighted in text or in the image. This is another movie poster that would work very well as a book cover, but might look strange as a giant billboard in Times Square.

I like that the designer chose to do an animated poster. I did cheat and check if it is in fact an animated feature, and it’s not. (But I promise I didn’t look at a trailer.) I like the flat color and high contrast, this will almost certainly be a dark comedy about teenage angst and troubles. The typography is quirky, so I guess the script will be too.

I’ve gained a slightly greater knowledge of graphic novels simply from shelving them in the library all the time and taking the occasional sneaky flick through. Though not my book of choice, I really respect the amount of hard work that goes into their creation. I’ll take photos of some cool covers and post them very soon. This poster reminds me a bit of Ghost World and I suspect it’ll have a similar slow, dry wit. Also a must for fans of Daria that have already finished the DVD.

I also bet that because it was shown at SXSW that it is has a very cool soundtrack.

Alternative Inception Posters

A lot of these alternative Inception posters seem to be very much inspired by the legendary Saul Bass .. It’s sad how in these types of contests or features, the posters are always so creative, witty and minimal, and usually the actual poster that was used was so cluttered and unoriginal. I would consider the Inception poster to be quite good and it still pales in comparison to most of these..

That said, the scene in the movie where the road begins to fold in on itself did look pretty damn cool!

My Favourite Movie Poster of all time (Seriously.)

I realise that this is quite a big statement to make, since there are probably millions of movie posters in the world and there’s no way I could have seen them all, but I’m in a big statement kind of mood. And seriously, this is just stunning. The first time I came across it, I think I stared at it for 10 minutes – which in internet time is about 18 hours – am I still love looking at it. The typography placement is very unusual so it really changes the way you look at the image.

There is a great interview with the designer Akiko Stehrenberger, where she discusses the poster in detail so I think I’ll let the poster do the talking, or if you’d prefer you can hear it straight from designer..

But here’s a few images the poster reminds me of..

Sharbat Gula’s piercing green eyes in Steve McCurry’s famous photograph for National Geographic.

The extreme contrasts of blacks and creams in William Turner’s ‘The Shipwreck’

And Lucien Freud’s portraits, especially the shadows on the person’s face.

Worst Poster of the Year (decade?): X-Men First Class

Rating: absolutely nothing/ 5

So judging my the posters, the new X-Men movie – X-Men First class – is going to be the worst movie ever made…

Just a pure silhouette would have been much more successful, albeit a bit boring. Why is there a odd floating head that was clearly photoshopped by an 10 year old? I have great respect for James Mc Avoy as an actor, but I suspect I may imagine his floating head from now on when I see him in a movie.

I really can’t quite get my head around these posters. I’m really hoping, for the sake of all graphic designers, that these are actually some kind of bizarre promotional prank to get online attention.. Alas, no dice.. I googled..

The floating head reminds me of this a bit..