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Editorial Schedule

Reviews (3+ per week)

Monday: Movie “review”
Wednesday: Book “review”
Thursday: Music CD  “review”

I will also cover magazines covers, new TV show posters and theater posters in addition to movies, books and CDs.
Monthly, I will revisit one of my posts and either watch the movie, listen to the CD or read the book to see how accurate my review based purely on the cover was.


Cover Cliches (1-2 pieces every 2 weeks)

Tuesday (beginning February 6th)

This will include:
“What the font?”: Details about display fonts, over-used fonts such as a feature on Helvetica, the rare serifs)
“Bad Photoshop Details”: Highlighting some terrible over-use of photoshop
“Repeat patterns”: Constantly re-appearing themes, motifs and cliched images in cover design.
“De-coding the design”: Similar to Stephen Heller’s ‘Anatomy of Design’, I will decode the references that designers use within cover design.


Featured Designs, Designers and Interviews (1 every 2 weeks)

Tuesday (beginning February 12th)

Inspiring Design Companies: features on design companies that specialize in cover design – Colosal media/Sky High Murals,
Infamous designers: Saul Bass (movie posters), Seymour Chwast (theater posters), Chipp Kidd (book design)
Interviews: I will interview working designers about their process and style including (George Lois (magazines), Paula Scher (theater posters), Katya Mezhibovskaya (book covers)..
Favourite designs: Each month I will feature my favorite movie poster and book cover, explaining why I think it is so successful.


Extras features/fillers

Links to other blogs that deal with cover and print design in an amusing way