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Featured Design Company: Colossal Media and Sky High Murals

Have you ever wondered who does the incredible, hand painted billboards on Park Avenue near 23rd Street? Well, I certainly had so after a little bit of googling D-Crit‘s very own Steve Heller provided the answer on one of his older posts for imprint magazine. The answer is: Colossal Media and Sky High Murals, two divisions in the same company. They are the nation’s largest company that specialize in high-impact, hand-painted wallscapes.

The first billboard I saw was way back in August for the movie ‘Inception’. It completely took my breath away. Since then I’ve loved and hated the later billboards – I didn’t appreciate seeing Russell Brand’s smug smile painted 10 metres long – but I guess that’s not their decision! There work also pops up a lot in Williamsburg, particularly at North 6th and Bedford Avenue.

There was a documentrary called “Up There” that I highly recommend watching, even if there is a slightly overt commercial overtone with the constant references to Stella Artois.

It’s great that a company that is specialized has managed to survive through difficult economic times. I suspect there aren’t too many cities where they could so I’m glad they’re based in NYC! The work looks exciting, dangerous and incredibly detailed. I salute these brave men and women! Keep up the good work! Check out  for more