Mid-week Music Review: Jessie Who?

Rating: *** / 5

After being in NYC for some long, I’m very much out of the loop with regards to the UK and Irish charts. Though, to be honest, I’d sometimes be out of the loop even when I was at home. Yesterday I saw that Jessie J’s album “Who You Are” and had no idea about it. But of course, now I have seen her popping up all over the Internet. So before I get too acquainted with her music, I better do my cover review..

Music is certainly cyclical, and moderately-edgy female pop stars are certainly the current favourite.  The gothic clothes, blunt haircut and dark lips seem to be trying to suggest an independent, hard-edged gal.  But she’s also incredibly airbrushed and has her mouth open in a suggestive manner so clearly she’s also trying to be a sexual sexual. The gold bling looks like she’s trying to be a bit hip-hop. She basically looks like she’s trying to be everything, and often the problem with that is you begin to something like nothing new.

I detest the script face used for the album title. (You may not have noticed it since it blends into her skin)..


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